Safety Inspections, Audits & Risk Assessments

Eurosafe provide a comprehensive range of Health & Safety Inspection services to an extensive range of working environments.
At Eurosafe we can carry out one off work place assessments or regular, organised inspections at a pre-agreed frequency. Reports are issued on the day of the inspection and copies forwarded to Head Office where necessary. Reports assist the organisation in eliminating or managing identified risks in the workplace.
Inspections/Audits can incorporate Safety Committee Meetings with Management and/or Safety Representatives. This promotes compliance with the employers requirement to consult with employees on matters of Safety, Health & Welfare in the workplace. Statistics can be produced on an annual basis for organisations, detailing the frequency of accidents / incidents, types and areas of the body affected. Safety targets and control measures can therefore be implemented to reduce, as far as practicable, the frequency of such occurrences.
Each Inspection Report sets out a percentage rating based on a scoring matrix, which helps Senior Management of companies to quickly assess the level of Safety performance of a particular site / premises. Eurosafe carry out Risk Assessments for workplace safety concerns and develop Safe Operating Procedures for machinery / equipment in use on premises.

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